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About is a dedication of love to Denmark — the country, its history and culture, the language, and everyone living there or is, in any way, affiliated to Denmark.

The GoodRabbit project started several years ago after eight years of having NOT lived in Denmark. So with a whole lot of home-sickness in our hearts and a true dedication to spread the love of Denmark, we decided to launch

What GoodRabbit offer is not a school, so you will not be examined at the end of the 15 lessons. This is a self-study course. We are providing a tool for you to teach yourself Danish, in your own house, in your own time.

All it takes is dedication and will. You can do it on your own or with someone else. Or maybe you already know someone that speaks Danish. This will speed up your learning.

Lesson Structure consists of 15 free lessons. Each lesson is divided into 4 sections:

  • Phrases: This is the core place for you to build up your knowledge of the Danish language.
  • Keywords: A variety of everyday essential words.
  • Grammar: This section will give you a basic understanding of Danish grammar.
  • Good to Know: This section will teach you about Denmark and the Danes, culture, society and food!

Although the lessons have been set up in a logical order, you can jump between lessons if you wish. There is no requirement of finishing one lesson before continuing to the next.

All recorded voices are by native speakers of Danish

If you have any further questions that are not answered above or in our help section please get in touch.

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