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Lesson 2 - Directions
I can't find..
Jeg kan ikke finde toilettetI can't find the toilet
Jeg spørger om vejI will ask directions
(show note..) [lit: I ask about way]
Asking directions
Undskyld. Hvor er toilettet?Excuse me. Where is the toilet?
Undskyld. Hvor er apoteket?Excuse me. Where is the pharmacy?
Undskyld. Hvor er biblioteket?Excuse me. Where is the library?
Where is the nearest..
Undskyld. Hvor er den nærmeste bank?Excuse me. Where is the nearest bank?
Undskyld. Hvor er det nærmeste posthus?Excuse me. Where is the nearest post office?

You can add Do you know where.. to the questions.

Undskyld. Ved du hvor toilettet er?Excuse me. Do you know where the toilet is?
Undskyld. Ved du hvor apoteket er?Excuse me. Do you know where the pharmacy is?

Danes also use the phrase Hvor ligger biblioteket [lit: where lies the library] (Where is the library) when asking the way to buildings, cities or countries.

Hvor ligger Århus?Where is Århus?
Århus ligger i JyllandÅrhus is in Jutland
Hvor ligger Ringe?Where is Ringe?
Ringe ligger på FynRinge is on Funen
(show note..) 'Fyn' and 'Sjælland' are islands and we therefore use 'på' and not 'i'.
Hvor ligger København?Where is Copenhagen?
København ligger på SjællandCopenhagen is on Zeeland