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Lesson 2 - Directions
Undskyld migExcuse me
Thank you
TakThank you / Please
(show note..) There is no equivalent to please but 'tak' is often used instead
Mange takMany thanks
Tusind takThousand thanks
Tak for mad!Thank you for the meal
(show note..) [lit: thanks for food]
Your welcome
Det var så lidt!Your welcome
(show note..) [lit: it was so little]
Selv tak!Your welcome
(show note..) Reciprocating a thank you, as in 'no, please, thank you!'
VelbekommenYour welcome
Nej takNo thank you
Nej. Ellers takNo. But thank you
Ja takYes please
Asking for something
Må jeg bede om..Can I please have..
VærsågodHere you are
(show note..) [lit: be so good]
Så gerneYes, of course
(show note..) [lit: so like]
Trouble hearing/understanding
Undskyld. Hvad sagde du?Sorry. What did you say?
Unskyld. Jeg forstår ikkeSorry. I don't understand

There is no Danish equivalent to the English word 'please' instead Danes use Tak! (Thanks!) or ..bede om.. (..may I have..) or Undskyld (pardon/excuse me/sorry) all depending on the circumstances.