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Lesson 10 - Likes and Dislikes

The phrasing for comparison is: ..større end.. (..bigger than..), ..mindre end.. (..smaller than..), ..klogere end.. (..smarter than..) and so forth.

Big and small
Det røde hus er lilleThe red house is small
Det blå hus er stortThe blue house is big
Det røde hus er mindre end det blå husThe red house is smaller than the blue house
Det blå hus er større end det røde husThe blue house is bigger than the red house
Tall and small
Pigen er højThe girl is tall
Drengen er lavThe boy is small
Drengen er lavere end pigenThe boy is smaller than the girl
Pigen er højere end drengenThe girl is taller than the boy
Fast and slow
Bilen er hurtigThe car is fast
Cyklen er langsomThe bicycle is slow
Cyklen er langsommere end bilenThe bicycle is slower than the car
Bilen er hurtigere end cyklenThe car is faster than the bicycle
Colour comparisons
Den cykel er rødThat bicycle is red
Den cykel er også rødThat bicycle is also red
Men den cykel er rødere end den cykelBut that bicycle is more red than that bicycle
Himlen er blåThe sky is blue
Huset er blåtThe house is blue
Himlen er mere blå end husetThe sky is more blue than the sky