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Lesson 15 - Work and Education
What is it?

Two words that are merged together to make one is called a compound word, like sprog and lærer makes sproglærer (language teacher).

The Rules

Mostly, compound words in Danish are written into one word instead of two.

But when?

Rule of thumb

If stress is put on the first part of the word the two words are made into one

Sometimes an 's' or an 'e' is added to join the words together. On very rare occasions the joining letter is an 'n'.

without a joining letter
en lillefingerlittle finger
n -en
en håndfladepalm
n -en
et rugbrødrye bread
n -et
en sproglærerlanguage teacher
n -en
en havemøblergarden furniture
n -en
smagssanssense of taste
n -en
en fødselsdagbirthday
n -en
en månedslønmonthly pay
n -en
et juletræchristmas tree
n -et
et strygejerniron
n -et
en hundehvalppuppy
n -en
en barnevognpram
n -en
et øjenbryneye brow
n -et
en øjenvippereye lashes
n -en