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Lesson 4 - At Home

Although Denmark is a relatively small country, it has been able to make a significant impression on the world.

Danish design, cuisine, cinema, literature, science and sports are all areas where Denmark have successfully made its mark.

Food products such as butter, bacon and beer (not to mention smørrebrød) are produced and exported to the world with great success as are Danish household products like Lego, Bodum, and various furniture brands.


Philosophers, scientists and writers, such as Niels Bohr, H.C. Ørsted and H.C. Andersen, have made a remarkable impact on the world.

Today Danish cinema is receiving international recognition for its social realistic style. Films like 'Brothers' and 'The Bench' are a few examples and Danish TV shows like 'The Killing', Forbrydelsen, 'The Bridge', Broen, and 'Borgen' continue to be popular.