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Lesson 13 - On the Phone

Easter, Påske, is celebrated in Denmark as in many other countries with colourful easter eggs.

Usually the family will gather on Easter Sunday for Easter Lunch, påskefrokost, where they will enjoy a big spread of smørrebrød and snaps (Schnapps).

Often children will anonymously send a Gækkebrev to their parents or grandparents. It contains a Vintergæk (Snowdrop) and a poem (see example below) and instead of the name of the sender it will contain dots.

The family member that receives the letter needs to guess who it is from and if they fail withing three tries they need to buy the sender an Easter Egg, Påskeæg.

Skærtorsdag (Thursday), Langfredag (Good Friday), Påskedag (Easter Sunday) and 2. Påskedag (Easter Monday) are the names of the four days of Easter.