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Lesson 3 - Me and My Family
My parents
Jeg har en mor og en farI have a mother and a father
My siblings
Jeg har en bror og en søsterI have one brother and one sister
Peter er min storebrorPeter is my older brother
Mia er min lillesøsterMia is my little sister
Jeg har en farmor og farfarI have grandparents on my father's side
(show note..) farfar [lit: daddad], farmor [lit: dadmum] essentially father's parents
Jeg har også en mormor og morfarI also have grandparents on my mother's side
(show note..) morfar [lit: mumdad], mormor [lit: mummum] essentially mother's parents
Great Grandparents
Jeg har ingen oldeforædreI have no great grand parents