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Lesson 5 - Shopping
How much does it cost?
Hvad koster det?What does it cost?
(show note..) [lit: what costs it?]
Neuter class
Hvad koster den?What does it cost?
(show note..) Common class
Hvor meget koster det?How much does it cost?
(show note..) [lit: where much costs it]
Neuter class
Hvor meget koster den?How much does it cost?
(show note..) Common class
Single item
Hvad koster mælken?What does the milk cost?
Den koster 12 kronerIt costs 12 kroner
Multiple items
Hvor meget koster appelsinerne?How much do the oranges cost?
De koster 5 kroner stykketThey are 5 kroner a piece
(show note..) 'stykket' = a piece
Expensive or cheap?
Det er for dyrt!That's too expensive!
(show note..) Use 'det' when referring to something abstract as 'det er dyrt' (it is expensive) or 'det er varmt' (it is hot)
Det er billigt!That's cheap!