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Lesson 3 - Me and My Family
Marital Status
Jeg er singleI am single
Jeg har en kæresteI have a girlfriend/boyfriend
(show note..) 'kæreste' is for both genders
Jeg er forlovetI am engaged to be married
Jeg er giftI am married
Jeg har en partnerI have a partner
My partner
Han er min kæresteHe is my boyfriend
Hun er min forlovedeShe is my fiance
(show note..) 'forlovede' is for both genders
Hun er min koneShe is my wife
Han er min mandHe is my husband
Jeg har ingen børnI have no children
Jeg har to børnI have two children
Jeg har en drengI have a boy
Jeg har en pigeI have a girl
Jeg har to drenge og to pigerI have two boys and two girls
Jeg har en af hverI have one of each
Their names
Han hedder MortenHis name is Morten
Hun hedder MiaHer name is Mia
De hedder Louise og FrederikThey are called Louise and Frederik