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Lesson 3 - Me and My Family
Introducing your family
Kom og mød min familieCome and meet my family
Her er mine forældreHere are my parents
De hedder Kirsten og PoulThey names are Kirsten and Poul
De bor i OdenseThey live in Odense
Og her er mine børn, Ditte og OskarAnd here are my children, Ditte and Oskar
Meeting friends
Mød min veninde, JeanetteMeet my friend Jeanette
(show note..) 'veninde' is for female friends
Hun kommer fra ÅrhusShe is from Århus
Hun er skolelærerShe is a school teacher
Og her er min ven MagnusAnd here is my friend Magnus
(show note..) 'ven' is for male friends
Han er IT ekspertHe's an IT expert
Meeting colleagues
Har du mødt Anne-Sofie?Have you met Anne-Sofie?
Hun arbejder i finansafdelingenShe works in Finances

The most common phrase when you introduce someone are Det er... (This is/are...) or Her er... (Here is/are...)

You can go very formal and say: Lad mig introducere dig for Mai (Let me introduce you to Mai). This is very formal phrasing, however, and won't be met in everyday conversations.

Read more about the suffix 'inde' for female variations of certain nouns like ven/veninde here.