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Lesson 10 - Likes and Dislikes

Danish for to like is at kunne lide.

Warning: As you can see lide goes together with kunne. If you omit kunne in the lovely sentence jeg kan lide meget (I like a lot (of things)), it becomes Jeg lider meget (I suffer a lot) as lide on its own means to suffer(!).

The Danes tend to pronounce it as kunne li' - keep it short, you don't sound out the 'de' - opposed to suffer where you sound out the whole of the word 'lide'.

Do you like..?
Kan du lide kaffe?Do you like coffee?
Ja. Jeg kan godt lide kaffeYes. I like coffee
Nej. Jeg kan ikke lide kaffe.No. I don't like coffee
Kan du ikke lide te?Don't you like tea?
Jo, jeg kan godt lide teYes. I do like tea
(show note..) You say 'jo' instead of 'ja' when you are correcting someone
I like both
pJeg kan både lide te og kaffeI like both tea and coffee
I don't like either
pJeg kan hverken lide te eller kaffeI don't like tea or coffee
Jeg kan bedre lide te end kaffeI like tea better than coffee

Notice that godt [lit: well] is added when say you like something.

Godt can be left out but Danes usually keep it in as to emphasize that yes they do like this or that.