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Lesson 10 - Likes and Dislikes

Another way of saying whether you like something or not is: synes om. You use this verb when you are expressing your opinion about something.

Do you like it?
Hvad synes du om filmen?What do you think about the movie?
Jeg synes den er godI think it is good
Jeg synes den er alletidersI think it is excellent!
Jeg synes ikke den er så godI don't think it's that good
Jeg synes bedre om Star Wars end SpidermanI prefer Star Wars to Spiderman

You can also come across bryde sig om. This is mainly used if you say to someone that you don't like something and you want to be extra polite about it.

Jeg bryder mig ikke om kaffeI don't care much for coffee
(show note..) A bit more formal, polite way of saying: I don't like it