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Lesson 4 - At Home
Hvor er I?Where are you?
Vi er inde i stuenWe are in the living room
Skal vi sætte os ind i det bløde?Shall we go and sit in the living room
(show note..) [lit: shall we sit us in the soft?]
Vi sidder og hygger inde i stuenWe are in the living room having a lovely time
(show note..) [lit: we sit and 'hygger' in the living room] Read More
Tænder du lige for fjernsynet?Will you put the television on, please?
(show note..) Read more about tv Read More
Hvor er stikkontakten?Where is the switch?
Tænder du for lyset?Will you switch the light on?
Jeg slukker for lysetI will switch the light off