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Lesson 4 - At Home

When we refer to the rooms in a house we don't just say in (the living room), we will say one of the following:
ind(e) på or ind(e) i
ud(e) i or ud(e) på
depending on what room we refer to. See below.

'Inde på'
Inde på værelsetIn the (spare) room
Inde på kontoretIn the office
'Inde i'
Inde i stuenIn the living room
Inde i soveværelsetIn the bed room
'Ude på'
Ude på badeværelsetIn the bath room
Ude på toilettetIn the toilet
'Ude i'
Ude i køkkenetIn the kitchen
Ude i gangenIn the hall way
With or without 'e'?
Inactive, with 'e':
Jakken er ude i gangen The jacket is in the hall
Børnene er inde i stuen The children are in the living room
Active, without 'e':
Jeg går ud i gangen I'm going into the hall
Vi går ind i stuen We're going into the living room