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Lesson 11 - Discussions and Small Talk
What is it?

Non-count nouns only come in singular form. You cannot put en or et or a number in front. They are 'uncountable'.

The Rules
The non-count nouns can be preceeded by

noget (some)

instead of the usual articles en and et
Kunne jeg få noget vand?Could I have some water, please?
Vi har fået noget regn i dagWe have had some rain today

Exception! or not..?

What might seem like an exception could be:

Må jeg bede om en kaffe, tak?Could I have a coffee, please

Kaffe being a non-count noun should not have en prefixed. However, as it actually is en kop kaffe (a cup of coffee) that's being said. The article en remains and only kop is omitted.

Here is a list of the most common non-count nouns:

n -en
n -en
n -en
n -et
n -en
n -en
et vejrweather
n -et

Definite Noun-count Nouns

When in definite form the non-count nouns follow the normal pattern with -en and -et suffixed the noun.

Regnen varede hele dagenThe rain lasted all day