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Lesson 10 - Likes and Dislikes
Do you want some?
Vil du have noget kage?Do you want some cake?
Vil du have noget kaffe?Do you some coffee?
Do you want more?
Vil du have mere?Do you want more?
Kunne du tænke dig lidt mere kage?Would you like some more cake?
(show note..) [lit: could you think yourself some more cake?]
Vil du have en til?Would you like one more?
Accepting More
Ja tak. Det kunne jeg godtYes please. I'd like that
Ja tak. Bare lidt mereYes please. Just a little bit more
Nej. Ellers tak. Ikke mereNo. No thank you. No more
Nej tak. Jeg er mætNo thank you. I am full
There you go
VærsågodThere you go

Notice it is called lidt mere (a bit more) and lidt mindre (a bit less).