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Lesson 6 - Eating and Drinking
Hvad kunne I tænke jer at spise?What would you like to eat?
Hvad vil I have at spise?What would you like to eat?
Ordering food..
Kunne vi bede om...Could we have..., please
(show note..) [lit: could I ask about..]
Vi kunne godt tænke os...We would like..., please
(show note..) [lit: we could well think ourselves...]
Vil I have forret?Would you like starters?
Ja, tak. Vi vil gerne have forretYes please. We would like starters
Jeg kunne godt tænke mig en rejecocktail, takI would like a Prawn Cocktail, please
Hvad vil I have til hovedret?What would you like for mains?
Kunne vi bede om to gange Flæskesteg og en Bøf med Løg, takCould we have one Roast Pork and one Burger and Onions, please
Side Dishes
Kunne I tænke jer nogle sideretter?Would you like any side dishes?
Nej, ellers takNo, no thank you
Kunne I tænke jer dessert?Would you like pudding?
Ja tak. Kunne vi bede om tre gange Chocolade Kage.Yes please. Could we have three Chocolate Cakes, please