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Lesson 8 - Leisure Time
What is it?

The Past Perfect Tense of a verb is used to refer to events that happened at some point in the past with a reference point to the past, eg: she had bought her ticket (and she went to spain).

The Rule

The past tense of have plus the Past Participle of the verb:

'havde' [past participle]
InfinitivePresentPastPresent PerfectPast PerfectEnglish
at boborboedehar boet
havde boet
had lived
at leveleverlevedehar levet
havde levet
had lived
at spisespiserspistehar spist
havde spist
had eaten
at købekøberkøbtehar købt
havde købt
had bought
at haveharhavdehar haft
havde haft
had had
at heddehedderhedhar heddet
havde heddet
had been called
at sovesoversovhar sovet
havde sovet
had slept
at løbeløberløbhar løbet
havde løbet
had run
at syngesyngersanghar sunget
havde sunget
had sung
at drikkedrikkerdrakhar drukket
havde drukket
had drunk
at væreervarhar været
havde været
had been
at seserhar set
havde set
had seen
at gågårgikhar gået
havde gået
had gone
Han havde spist et æble og nu var han mætHe had eaten an apple and now he was full
De havde boet i huset i fire år, da de solgte detThe had lived in the house for four years when they sold it