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Lesson 5 - Shopping
The Till
Undskyld. Hvor betaler jeg henne?Excuse me. Where do I pay?
Du kan betale oppe ved skrankenYou can pay at the till
At the till
Jeg vil gerne betaleHello. I'd like to pay
Det bliver 5 kroner og 25 øre, takThat'll be 5 kroner and 25 øre, thank you
Paying with cash
Værsågod. Jeg har lige pengeHere you are. I have just the right amount
Paying with card
Kan jeg betale med kort?Can I pay with card?
På beløbet,takOn the amount, please.
Kunne jeg bede om 100 kr oven i?Could I get 100 kr cash back, please?
Getting money back
Du skal lige have penge igenYou just need some money back
Do you want your receipt
Vil du have bonen med?Do you want your receipt?
Nej. Ellers takNo thank you
Saying goodbye
Farvel. Hav en god dagGoodbye. Have a lovely day
Tak i lige måde. FarvelThank you. And you too. Goodbye