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Lesson 14 - Banking and Posting
What is it?

The Possesive Case shows ownership, e.g. the girl's doll or the people of the world.

The Rules

#1. [owner] + s no apostrophe!

#2. The Possessive Pronouns min, din, etc. (read more on Possessive Pronouns)

#3. Words ending on 's', 'x' and 'z': Apostrophe ' and no s

#4. When the owner is a group (a unit) rule of thumb is the last member carries the s.

#5. Rephrasing

#1. The possesive s
Hundens benThe dog's bone
Mettes kjoleMette's dress
#2. The Possesive Pronouns
Min søsterMy sister
Hans arbejdeHis work
#3. s, x and z
Alex' gaverAlex' presents
#4. A group or unit
Jane og Oles bryllupJane and Ole's wedding
Søren, Malene og Bentes udflugtSøren, Malene and Bente's excursion
#5. Rephrasing
Et hus' vinduer[lit: a house's windows]
Vinduerne i et husThe windows in a house
Skraldespandens lågThe bin's lid
Låget på skraldespandenThe lid on the bin