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Lesson 12 - Travelling and Transport
What is it?

Present Tense and Present Continuous for the english verb sleep are: I sleep and I am sleeping.

In Danish there is no verb form to describe the Present Continuous (I am sleeping) however there are different methods to describe the same mode.

Method 1
[subject] [verb1 (physical pos)] 'og' [verb2 (action verb)]

The first verb describes the physical position of the subject (the do'er)
and the second verb is the actual action of what the subject is doing.

DanishLiteral Translation
jeg ligger og soverI am sleeping[I lie and sleep]
du sidder og soveryou are sleeping[you sit and sleep]
jeg sidder og ser fjernsynI am watching TV[I sit and watch TV]
vi sidder og spiserwe are eating[we sit and eat]
de står og snakkerthey are talking[they stand and talk]
de står og venter på bussenthey are waiting for the bus[they stand and wait for the bus]
han går og tænker he is thinking[he walks and thinks]

The literal translation of the Danish sentences sound quite humourous but nonetheless this is one of the Danish representations of the Present Continuous.

Method 2
[subject] 'er ved at' [infinitive verb]
Jeg er ved at gøre rentI am cleaning
Method 3

[subject] 'er i gang med at' [infinitive verb]
Jeg er gang med at ordne haveI am doing the garden