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Lesson 8 - Leisure Time
What is it?

The Present Perfect is used to refer to events that happened at some point in the past with a reference point to the present, eg: she has bought her ticket (and now she is on her way to spain).

The Rules

The present tense of have plus the Past Participle of the verb:

har [past participle]

InfinitivePresentPastPresent PerfectEnglish
at boborboede
har boet
has lived
at leveleverlevede
har levet
has lived
at spisespiserspiste
har spist
has eaten
at haveharhavde
har haft
has had
at heddehedderhed
har heddet
has been called
at sovesoversov
har sovet
has slept
at væreervar
har været
has been
Jeg har boet her i et årI have lived here one year
Jeg har levet på vand og brødI have been living on water and bread
(show note..) [lit: i have lived on water and bread]
Jeg har spist et æbleI have eaten an apple
Jeg har sovet godtI have slept well