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Lesson 15 - Work and Education
School start and finish
Jeg skal møde klokken 8I start at 8 o'clock
Jeg får fri klokken 2I get off at 2 o'clock
Home work
Jeg har lavet lektierI have done my home work
Men Søren har ikke lavet lektierBut Soren hasn't done his home work
Han får nok en eftersidning(!)He will probably get detention(!)
School Accessories
Jeg har husket min skoletaske og mit penalhusI have remembered my school bag and my pencil case
Jeg har også husket min madpakkeI have also remembered my lunch box
I dag skal vi have gymnastikToday we are doing PE
I første og anden time skal vi have DanskFirst and second period is Danish
I tredje skal vi have EngelskThird period is English
De sidste to timer skal vi have matematikThe last two periods is maths