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Lesson 6 - Eating and Drinking
Jeg er allergisk overfor nødderI'm allergic to nuts
Er der nødder i maden?Are there any nuts in the food?
Er der mælk i maden?Is there milk in it?
Er der brugt soya mælk i maden?Have you used soya milk for the food?
Er der gluten i maden?Is there any gluten in the food?
Har I vegetar mad?Do you have vegetarian food?
Har I hallal kød?Have you got any hallal meat?
Hot spicy food
Er maden stærk?Is the food hot?
Hvilke krydderier er i maden?What spices are in the food?
How would you like the meat cooked?
Hvordan vil du have din steak? Gennemstegt, medium eller rød?How would you like your steak? Well done, medium or rare?