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Lesson 11 - Discussions and Small Talk
Nice Day
Sikke en dejlig dag i dag!What a lovely day today!
Himlen er blå!The sky is blue
Fuglene synger!The birds are singing
Dull day
Sikke et kedeligt vejr!What a dull day
The sun
Solen skinnerThe sun is shining
Det er solskinsvejrIt is sunny
(show note..) [lit: it is sun shine weather]
Der er ingen solThere is no sun
Det er skyetIt is cloudy
Det er overskyetIt is overcast
(show note..) [lit: it is over clouded]
Det regnerIt is raining
Det er regnvejrIt is rainy
(show note..) [lit: it is rain weather]
Det snerIt is snowing
Det er snevejrIt is snowing
(show note..) [lit: it is snow weather]
Det blæserIt is windy
Warm or cold?
Det er varmtIt is hot
Det er koldtIt is cold
Det er køligtIt it a bit cold