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Lesson 9 - Time and Place

As you can see below the Danes make use of the 24 hour system.

Hvad er klokken?What time is it?
14:00Klokken er toIt is two o'clock
14.00Den er toIt is two
Quarters and halves
17.15Den er kvart over femIt's a quarter past five
16.45Den er kvart i femIt's a quarter to five
15.30Den er halv fireIt's half past three
The minutes
16.05Den er fem minutter over fireIt's five minutes past four
18.50Den er ti minutter i syvIt's ten minutes to seven
09.58To i tiTwo to ten
(show note..) more informal
Other times of day
Det er midnatIt is midnight
Det er frokosttidIt is lunch time
Det er kaffetid(!)It is time for coffee(!)
Det er morgenIt is morning
Det er aftenIt is evening
Det er eftermiddagIt is afternoon
Det er middagstidIt is noon
Dinner Time!
Aftensmad!Dinner time!
(show note..) When calling the family together for dinner