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Lesson 11 - Discussions and Small Talk
What's on?
Hvad er der i fjernsynet?What's on the television
Er der noget i fjerneren?Is there something on the telly?
(show note..) 'fjerneren' is slang for 'fjernsynet'
Turn on the TV
Tænd lige for fjernsynetTurn the television on, please?
Jeg tænder for fjernsynetI am turning the television on
Fjernsynet er tændtThe television is on
The sound
Er du sød og skrue ned for lyden?Will you turn the sound down, please?
(show note..) Notice the addition of 'Er du sød og...' [lit: Are you sweet and...]. Or rather 'Please could you..'
Ja. Jeg skruer nedYes. I am turning the sound down
Skruer du lige lidt op igen?Can you turn it up again a bit?
The Channels
Kan du skifte kanal?Can you change the channel, please?
Ja, jeg skifter kanal nuYes, I am changing the channel
The programmes
Det vil jeg gerne seI would like to see that
Det er et godt programThat is a good programme
Det gider jeg ikke at seI don't wanna see that
Det er et dårligt program.It is a bad programme
Switch TV off
Sluk lige for fjernsynetSwitch the television off, please
Fjernsynet er slukketThe television is off

Notice that Danes add the word lige (roughly translated to just) to a sentence to sound a bit more polite in an otherwise fairly 'commanding' sentence.