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Lesson 2 - Directions
What is that?
Hvad er det?What is that?
Det er en stolIt is a chair
Away from speaker
Hvad er det der?What is that?
(show note..) [lit: what is that there]
Det er et bordIt is a table
Close to speaker
Hvad er det her?What is this?
(show note..) [lit: what is this here]
Det er en bogIt is a book

In English you use different words (demonstrative pronouns) when referring to items close to speaker (this) and away from speaker (that).

In Danish you don't need to do that. Hvad er det? can refer to objects close to or away from speaker.

However, when you want to specify the location of the object (close to or away from speaker), you add her (here) and der (there) as seen above.