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Lesson 2 - Directions
Hvor er planten?Where is the plant?
Planten står i vindueskarmenThe plant is in the window cell
(show note..) [lit: the plant is standing in the window cell]
Hvor er brillerne?Where are the glasses
Brillerne ligger i taskenThe glasses are in the bag
(show note..) [lit: the glasses are lying in the bag]
Hvor er hatten?Where is the hat?
Hatten ligger hyldenThe hat is on the shelf
(show note..) [lit: the hat is lying on the shelf]
Hvor er jakken?Where is the jacket?
Jakken hænger knagenThe jacket is on the hook
(show note..) [lit: the jacket is hanging on the hook]
Hvor er billedet?Where is the picture
Billedet hænger væggenThe picture is on the wall
(show note..) [lit: the picture is hanging on the wall]

The preposition i (in) indicates inside something whereas (on) indicates on top of something just as in English.

Again, notice the that the verbs describe the physical position of the objects, i.e. står, hænger, ligger (standing, hanging, lying)